The IFPS Journey

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Overview of IFPS »

The Elegant Simplicity of Family Preservation Practice – Legacies and Lessons »
by Jim Whittaker

The Shifting Policy Impact of Intensive Family Preservation Services »
by Frank Farrow

Family Preservation Services: An Essential Partner in the Public Child Welfare System Institute for Families »
by Kerrie Ocasio, MSW, David Williams, Katharine M. Bergacs, MSW, LSW and Hasan Johnson, MSW, LCSW

“How is it possible to convince a child of his own worth after removing him from a family which is said to be unworthy, but with whom he identifies?”
—Maya Angelou

Publications about IFPS


“The government is going to have to adopt some very firm pro-family policies to encourage the preservation and the development of strong families.”
—President Bill Clinton
“NBC Nightly News”
December 3, 1993

Pyramid of IFPS Services